MOGPEF is a non-profit foundation dedicated to educating children about the importance of sustainable energy for present and future generations.

The Foundation has recently found that there is a need for higher quality education in the community. So they are conducting a pilot project to build an online learning platform which will be used to train educators in three different academic disciplines: Information Systems, Leadership and Student Services.

MOGPEF is a non-profit organization that supports public education in the oil and gas industry by providing scholarships to students interested in oil and gas related fields.

MOGPEF is the Education Foundation for the State of Michigan. We are a service arm of MOGPEF, created to support the educational needs of all Michigan residents and attract new talent, expand education opportunities, and raise awareness about our great community.

Our industry is undergoing dramatic shifts in the modern oil and gas world. As companies such as ExxonMobil continue to make headway in some of the most remote areas worldwide, the education system has been left behind. It’s imperative that we get our students ready for this new reality.

The Michigan Oil & Gas Producers Education Foundation (MOGPEF) is a nonprofit non-profit organization. They are the primary shareholder in the MOGPEF Fund, which invests in the growth of research and education in Michigan’s oil & gas industry.

We are the Michigan Oil & Gas Producers Education Foundation (MOGPEF), representing the interests of all MOG producers. Our mission is to expand and enhance education in Michigan by providing quality educational programs and activities to enable industry members, existing students, and new employees of the industry to succeed in their career growth.

MOGPEF is a nonprofit organization that aims to benefit the education of every young person in Michigan. They provide educational opportunities to students as well as scholarships for them.

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MOGPEF is an organization that promotes education and training for oil & gas professionals across the United States.

We are the Michigan Oil & Gas Producers Education Foundation (MOGPEF). MOGPEF aims to provide educational opportunities and resources to the oil and gas industry in the USA through a wide range of activities. We do this by promoting education, training, and professional development programs that promote excellence in our industry.

This section is a short introduction to MOGPEF, which aims to provide the best education for Michigan’s oil and gas workers. To do so it sponsors programs for both the teaching and learning of technical skills. MOGPEF also works with companies such as: Chevron, BP Nigeria, Shell and ConocoPhillips to engage them in educational programs.

In an era of high-tech corporate culture, where people ponder about business innovations and digital transformation rather than experience it themselves, it is important that those who enter any field recognize their limitations as well as their strengths.

The Michigan Oil & Gas Producers Education Foundation (MOGPEF) is a non-profit organization that brings education and training to the oil and gas industry. It was founded in 2010 and its goal is to serve as an educational resource for the oil and gas industry, helping employees of all sizes to be better managers, operators, workers, business owners, policy makers and leaders.