Michigan serves as a hub for oil and gas production in North America. In 2003, the MOGPEF Foundation was established to educate residents of Michigan about their natural resource. The Foundation held major events and produced a book on successful practices for establishing an Oil & Gas company. There are also articles on creating a business plan.

The Michigan Oil and Gas Producers Foundation was created to educate residents about the importance of energy production in our state.

The possibility of bringing the state a technology with the potential to improve their lives is not just remote but also very real. With the help of MOGPEF Foundation, Michigan can now educate its residents and citizens about how they can make a better tomorrow.

The MOGPEF Foundation was established in 2003. We have dedicated our efforts to helping residents of the state of Michigan understand the important role that Michigan’s oil and gas industry has on their daily lives.

In the last 10 years, we have been remarkably successful in producing educational materials for residents who are interested in learning more about the natural resources that they rely on every day. Last year, a new education initiative launched entitled “MOGPEF: The GASP Guide” which included a book, a website and an app. The book explains the importance of Michigan’s oil and gas industry to its citizens’ lives through informative content which features historical articles about drilling techniques and regulations, current events related to all forms of oil and gas exploration or development, as well as aspects such as environmental education and self.

In Michigan, there is an abundance of natural gas and oil. People in the state need to get information about the benefits of natural gas and oil.

Michigan was the first US state to produce oil and gas when we established the MOGPEF Foundation in 2003.

One of us, a communications specialist at a company funded by big oil companies, was tasked with writing promotional materials for a few businesses with high oil and gas production in Michigan.

We were told by our clients that they wanted something that would capture their competitive advantage, as they were desperate to reach new markets or grow their business. Our clients wanted to publicize these high-producing companies so there could be no confusion about where their products came from. One of the most popular ideas is to have an image from the logo on a t-shirt or commercial campaign, but it has some problems.

The MOGPEF Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education and youth in Michigan.

After the introduction, the author describes the difference between a digital and an oil and gas company.

We have always been taught to be very careful about what we say and what we put in our mouths. We have to be extra cautious with oil and gas. This was the reason why the MOGPEF Foundation was started: To educate residents of Michigan regarding the health and safety issues related to oil and gas production.

We are production companies and until recently, we did not have any info on the future of our industry. But thanks to the MOGPEF Foundation, we now know what is going to happen in the future of natural gas and oil.

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Big Oil and Gas producers are known to be well paid, but effective in their spending of money. They spend huge amounts on projects – feasibility studies, drilling permits, etc.

FTSE 100 companies spent a lot of money on speculative investments since the early 2000s. However, it was not until the market was hit by the financial crisis that we started to see real value from these investments. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) plunged by 500 points in a year-long bear market. This happened for a number of reasons – rising oil prices, irresponsible lending practices and heavy taxation on energy production.