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Michigan Fact Sheets

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Michigan Regulatory Responsibility for Oil and Natural Gas Exploration (March 2014)

Water Use and Oil and Natural Gas Production in Michigan (October 2013)
While Michigan is blessed with vast water resources, we have a responsibility to use them wisely. Michigan’s oil and natural gas producers recognize conservation is a priority. The oil and natural gas industry continues to develop new technologies and methods for producing the energy we need while becoming more air, land and water friendly.

Home State Production of Oil and Natural Gas: Powering Michigan's Economy (June 2013) Vital to Michigan's economy for approximately 100 years, safe and responsibly produced oil and natural gas from Michigan's own resources provides clean, abundant, and affordable energy.

Understanding Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan (Spring 2012) Explains how hydraulic fracturing works, where it comes from and the future of natural gas exploration.

Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production in Michigan (February 2012) Highlights key information regarding Michigan’s energy leadership, hydraulic fracturing, chemical disclosure, moratorium and responses to common misconceptions about the industry.

Water Withdrawal Analysis for High Volume Hydraulic-fracturing (Fall 2011) This document from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) outlines the water withdrawal analysis process for hydraulic fracturing in Michigan to ensure there are no adverse impacts on water resources.

Horizontal Wells – Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan (September 2011) An introduction to the hydraulic fracturing of horizontal wells in Michigan, as well as frequently asked questions.

Questions and answers about hydraulic fracturing in Michigan (2011) This document from the DEQ answers frequently asked questions about the hydraulic fracturing process and reveals some facts about what hydraulic fracturing is, how it works, and insights on some common hydraulic fracking myths.

Regulatory Response to Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan (2011) This presentation from the DEQ highlights key information about Michigan’s hydraulic fracturing production.

Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan (Spring 2011) An introduction to hydraulic fracturing in Michigan, as well as frequently asked questions.

Supervisor of Wells Instruction (Spring 2011) This document from the DEQ helps clarify the requirements under Part 615, Supervisor of Wells, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended (NREPA), for permitting, drilling, completing, and records reporting for all oil and gas wells that utilize high volume hydraulic fracture completion technology.

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