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The Natural Gas Boom in Michigan (June 2014)

Fact Checking a Recent News Series on Fracking in Michigan (June 2014)

Water-Quality Topics: Hydraulic Fracturing (U.S. Geological Survey)

Rep. Nesbitt: Embrace new energy technology (February 2013)

Letter: Fracking arguments were built on false research (August 2013)

Fracking Concerns Overblown; Risks Exist With All Energy Extraction (August 2013)
Part two: The debate over emissions, flowback and risk

Experts: Earthquakes, Water Usage Not Concerns With Fracking in Michigan (August 2013)
Part one: Natural gas extraction fears are largely overblown

Debunking Gasland, Part II
This article identifies and corrects the false claims made by Josh Fox in his documentary “GasLand II” which targets the natural gas industry.

EPA’s Massive, Downward Revision of Methane Emissions (April 2013)

Editorial: The next Jackson economic boom could be fueled by cheap natural gas (April 2013)

Guest column: State Sen. Nofs says fracking in Michigan is regulated and safe (April 2013)

Nesbitt: Let's have an honest conversation on natural gas (January 2013)

Another Look at Hydraulic Fracturing (December 2012)

Hydraulic fracking imperfect but feasible process (December 2012)

DEQ on fracking—‘Not a single incident in 60 years’ and 12,000 wells’ (October 2012)

What They're Saying: Shale Fueling Job Growth Across the Nation
(October 2012)

'Natural gas and nuclear power need to share the lead in power generation for the future'
(September 2012)

U.S. Oil Imports Hitting 20-year low (August 2012)

Hydraulic Fracturing Leads To Cleaner Air
(August 2012)

Natural gas naysayers ignore the facts: Stop the Frack Attack rally is misinformed (July 2012)

Does Natural Gas Lead to Public Health Issues? An In-Depth Look at Health Statistics In the Barnett Shale (July 2012)

EPA declares water in Dimock, Pa. safe to drink (July 2012)

Fracking critics using bad science, experts say (July 2012)
This news article published by the Associated Press highlights the misinformation that is used by hydraulic fracturing opponents.

Methane Emissions From Hydraulic Fracturing of Unconventional Natural Gas Wells Are Half What EPA Estimated (June 2012) This study by the American Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) found that methane emissions from hydraulic fracturing of unconventional natural gas wells are half what the EPA estimated.

Turning Natural Gas Into Water: Hydraulic Fracturing Doesn’t Deplete Water Supplies (April 2012) This article explains one of the least understood impacts of natural gas development on the water cycle – hydraulic fracturing does not deplete water supplies.

Hydraulic Fracturing 101 (Spring 2012) This article highlights what everyone should know about hydraulic fracturing including research, concerns about chemicals, and frequently asked questions.

Debunking GasLand This article identifies and corrects the false claims made by Josh Fox in his documentary “GasLand” which targets the natural gas industry.

C02 emissions in US drop to 20 year low (Summer 2012)
C02 being released into the atmosphere in the U.S. has fallen dramatically to its lowest level in 20 years. Gov. officials credit cheap and plentiful natural gas instead of burning coal.

State Regulators on Hydraulic Fracturing (Summer 2011) This article compiles statements from organizations across the country regarding the proven track record of safe and responsible use of hydraulic fracturing.

Is Fracking Safe? The Top 10 Controversial Claims About Natural Gas Drilling  Read more: Is Fracking Safe? The Top 10 Myths About Natural Gas Drilling (May 2010)

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